Aho beings of light. Lida Ebrahimi is a Mystic, Medicine Woman, and Certified EFT ย Practitioner. She has dedicated her life to spiritual studies and preserving ancient wisdom practices and indigenous traditions. She has worked with non-profits whose entire purpose is to honor the sacred truths of our planet and the cultures and rituals that unite humans more deeply with nature and the power within. Through her work, she is actively engaged in promoting growth and wholeness: mind, body, and spirit, as well as healthy lifestyle, transformation, self-empowerment. Immersed in the jungle for several years as the Co-director of The Shamanic Healing Center in Costa Rica, working with different tribes, Shamans, healers.

Lida has shaken loose from self-imposed limitations, shares her mastery of the art of playing big in full authentic glory and her story of going from suffering to surrender to service. Her on-going commitment to continued studies, rites of passage and immersions in shamanism and mysticism, nutritional health and wellness, Kundalini yoga and meditation courageously, exploring the ever-evolving highest potential and assisting countless people in reconnecting to their infinite power.

Blessings to you