Greetings from my heart to yours. My name is Tara. I am the Organizer of Moksha Elements Events, your road map to get you to the destination you need to access your evolving journey, and your one of a kind story. So, come as you are, let yourself be seen and let’s go on the adventurous journey of self-mastery together, learn as we go and have fun while we get there.

In my personal journey of learning to live a truly liberated life, I have found it crucial to  be able face my truth, own it, and continue to push to stay aligned with it. From all the lessons I have learned along the way, mother nature has been my biggest teacher, my most valuable mentor, and my best friend. That is why I always love to go camping, backpacking and enjoy the outdoors.

My goal and mission here is to get out there with you! And as we share, learn and grow together, we’ll carry along mother nature’s teachings to live our most liberated life. Are you ready to own your story? Then join me on our next adventure! Let’s hit the road, get out in nature, and learn from her; she is waiting for us.

Much Love