Welcome to Moksha Elements platform! A community of heart centered individuals dedicated to the journey of self mastery. A platform to explore and discover the Elements you need for your own unique journey to Moksha.

My name is Mina, I am a sound healer, reiki practitioner, and sacred plant medicine herbalist, who is deeply dedicated to helping you experience your highest potential by helping you awaken your own inner healer. My meditation comes through flower essences, yoga, sound healing, music and ecstatic dance. My pharmacy is mama gaia’s abundant medicines and all that the plants and fungi have to offer. My therapists are nature, traveling, exploring a new land, and the journey of my own mind through what the sacred plant medicines teachings. My mission in life is to continuously be on a self-mastery journey, and from a place of abundance, be a channel to bring healing energy to others.

I come from an Engineering background, a world filled with equations that have a solid output; however, my passion and curiosity has always lead me to the inner quest journey. My exposure with the mystical side of the human mind has left me in awe of our ability to be our own healers.

My childhood was challenging, filled with few ups and many downs. I lost my dad when I was 7, and from there it was a wild journey of suppressing feelings and emotions to be able to move forward. I never had the time or the understanding of the magnitude of the damages these suppressed emotions were causing to my soul and my life until I was introduced to YOGA at the age of 21. That’s when I started to explore the true meaning of Yoga, which is “Union”. The profound importance of the union and harmony between the Mind, Body and Spirit!

My curiosity for what’s beyond this realm has been with me as long as I can remember, but everything switched when I stepped into my self-healing journey; that’s when my inner quest adventure took off. From there I explored my awareness deeper with the help of plant medicines, tapping into the dark corners of my mind and had the blessing of switching on a light bulb in my brain that never knew existed. From that point on, I never look at life the same way.

I truly believe that plants and fungi are here to help us heal and grow, and their simple yet profound healing properties can help us during our journey on this plane if we are open and welcoming to their teachings.

My love affair with ecstatic dance began back in 2012. A profound expression of my souls language. Moving my body in ways I never knew that it could, has been such a releasing and healing tool to let go of what no longer serves me. Getting lost in the sound of the music and observing my thoughts and feelings through movement is one of the most therapeutically tools I have the privilege of using in my self-healing journey. I also use dance and movement as a tool for manifesting and bringing my vision to reality. It is so profound what we can accomplish by tap into a flow state without judgment nor attachment.

Sound Healing and self-Reiki sessions are other tools that aligns me back to my center. It’s always a mystery to me how cosmic the frequency of a gong is, or how angelic the sound of the crystal singing bowls are, and how it elevates my vibration after every interaction I have with these sacred instruments. Self-Reiki sessions are tools I use to tap into my own Aura and energy field; the time for me to quite the monkey mind and release what no longer serves me and my highest self; to let go and surrender and allow healing Chi flow through my body and spirit.

I recall my very first Reiki infused sound healing experience; It was such an euphoric journey for my soul. I got to experience all the emotions all at once, laugh, cry, excitement and scared, all at the same time. Every time I go on a journey with these cosmic instruments, I feel like I am floating out in the universe being a star dust I have always been.

Reiki is a tool I use to give myself the deep, self-loving care I need. Every time I practice Reiki on myself or share it with others, I am reminded of the unbounded amount of healing energy we all carry in the core of our palms, our own healing power, and our ability to be our own healers.

These tools and many others have been the essential Elements of my own self healing and self mastery journey. My work is an expression of who I am and what I am about, growth, fulfillment, balance, creativity and purpose. Passion, courage and integrity are the underlying guides to this work.

I am here to hold space for you while you explore your soul’s healing journey, and from the root of your healing, a beautiful flower will blossom; that’s where your life’s journey will become aligned with who you truly are.

With the methods I have cultivated for my own path such as creating sacred spaces, tools and techniques, you can also embark on your own self-mastery journey by enhancing your mindfulness skills while you gain self-knowledge and understanding.

I use the principles of Love, Integrity, Freedom, and Empowerment to help you tap into your own internalized judge. Awakening this judge is the key to becoming aware of your own doings and how they affect yourself and others. You become an observer of your thoughts and action without any judgments. From that space, you no longer take anything personally. That’s the place you become one with all there is.

When the merge occurs, you begin to live life from your center. You begin to choose from a place of abundance and your decisions are purely focused on what’s best for your higher self. My goal is to facilitate your personal growth to wholeness through many forms of coaching, Sound Healing, Reiki and Meditation. We will work directly together to cultivate an action plan for you to ultimately create the lifestyle that revolves around feeling free and good, in your body and mind.

By working with me, you’ll begin to know your soul in the most profound way possible, and when you know your soul, you’ll have all the answers you need. I am here to remind you of your own power and your own unique gifts.

I deeply believe we are all here to serve our own one of a kind mission, but whether or not we want to acknowledge and accept it is entirely up to us. So if you are eager to let go of your limiting beliefs, to walk your own healing journey, to understand the magnitude of personal self-mastery, to reclaim your unique gift that was given to you at birth, I am here to serve.

My work at its core is to bring you back home to yourself because the answers you are seeking are within you; they have been there all along.

Feel free to reach out and connect. I’m here to co-create magic with you on your own unique self-healing and self-mastery journey. Follow my wild ride on Instagram to see if you vibe with me.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to connect with me via email or send me a direct message on Instagram. I am eagerly waiting here to Welcome you to this community, Moksha seekers! I look forward to openheartedly hold the door for you while you enter our healing tribe. Let’s make the world a better place by becoming an example of what we wish to see more of.

Love and Blessing to you