There are times when we are continuously driven and hyped up, motivated to get our goals. And then there are other times when we feel stagnated, uninspired and unmotivated. Whatever you are currently feeling is PERFECTLY normal!

Take a moment and observe your current state of mind without any judgments. What are you feeling right now? Driven and hyped up or uninspired and unmotivated? Do you feel like there is a bump in your road and you just can’t get through it by yourself? Do you desire more peace of mind, mental freedom and the capability to let go of your limiting beliefs so that you can step into being the hero of your own journey? Then you are in the right place.

Over the last decade I’ve emerged myself with many teachers, coaches, trainers, speakers and influencers to tap into their state of mind and find out the key elements of living a more fulfilled and balanced life. A life where we can feel more liberated, driven and operate from a place where our highest potential is served; a place where we have the bravery to let go of our limiting beliefs to step into our life’s mission and serve our medicine. Now you are probably wondering what the hell is “our medicine”? The medicine is YOUR unique gift which can only be served by YOU! We all have it deep in our core and the world is desperately in need it, specially right now!! I am here to help you recognize and acknowledge YOUR medicine!! Are YOU ready to dive deep on a soul journey and rediscover yourself? Are you ready to step into YOUR greatness?

I coach my clients from my own past experiences, from my own healing journey and from my own breakthroughs. I know how it feels when there is no one there to help you reignite, release and liberate the light you carry within you. This course is an in depth program designed to help you live and operate from a place of full liberation. We will have a one hour live weekly online coaching sessions over the course of 3 months to create the right habits and crucial lifestyle skills that will help you live your best life life long-term. A new habit can be formed over the course of 21 days but to fully embody any new habits, the magic number is 12 weeks. This course is a lifestyle change, it takes constant practice and showing up for yourself.

After you apply for the program, we will coordinate the best day and time  to have the FREE intro call to see if working with Mina will be a suitable course for you. At our FREE, initial Zoom meeting, my focus is to create a safe, loving environment so that you can share your long-term goals and visions that you see for yourself, and how we can co-create and execute the best outcome during the 3 months we have together. We will generate a strategy plan on how to create more nurturing and fulfilling habits to help your light reignite, release and liberate using the right sacred tools and sacred gatherings that best fit your needs.

Lastly, let’s remember, our physical vessel in this realm greatly depends on the harmony between our mind, heart, body and spirit and my goal is to help you create this beautiful balance. The path of realigning to your true self can be a bumpy road but you don’t have to do it alone.

Looking forward to meeting you

love, Mina
Other fun extras included in this package:
– One FREE Sound Healing/Reiki Combo sessions to help you clear your subconscious mind and realign your chakras. This is a highly effective tool that clears the path for you on your self exploration journey.
– A copy of Mina’s Yoga Nidra 61 Point Meditation to practice anytime, anywhere.
– One email check in per week  to review your progress, assess challenges and set intentions/action steps for the following week.
Energy Exchange for this program is $1,200


No, The payment takes place after your FREE 1 hour Zoom Call with Mina. If the program and co-creation seems suitable from both sides, then the payment methods will be discussed.

If you are located in Los Angeles area and prefer the in person one on one meetings, we can make that happen; however, the online sessions are highly recommended since they will be recorded and can be re-watched indefinitely.

We use Zoom.com for all our online programs. It’s the best quality free video conferencing site on the web.

Once you Apply for a coaching program, an instruction email will be sent to you on how to download and set up your free membership with Zoom.com. The email will also request you to share the best day/time that works for you to have the Free intro call with Mina. Mina will accommodate your schedule based on her availability.

Our weekly sessions together are highly interactive and personal. Unlike a video or a live streaming class, Mina is very skillful when it comes to seeing beyond your words, your body language, your hesitation and your over all present to detect what’s holding you back and what’s helping you progress.

The sessions are designed specifically based on your needs and goals. Instead of reading between the lines and trying to figure out if an online group class is right for you, Mina will be holding a loving, supportive and an effective space for you during every session that helps you evolve into what your needs are.

Other benefits:

  • You can reach out to Mina anytime, anywhere and she will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • You’ll receive a video copy of your sessions so you can refer back and see your own form, set backs and strengths.

  • Receive personal homeworks and notes to take you to the next step of your evolution.

  • Most importantly, Accountability. Most people know what they need to do for their evolution, but lack the ability and discipline to follow through.

Reignite me, is an intro to the profound life-changing experience you can embark on by working with Mina. This intro package is designed to reignite the light you carry within you. It’s a program to help you get back in track and start your self mastery journey.

Release and Liberate me is a 3 months coaching program to help you find true liberation within your body, mind and spirit. To build true lifestyle skills, new habits, and long-term changes, you need to be working with a professional consistently for at least 3 months. Mina will be working with you directly, and together, you will create an action plan for the best outcome you wish to see at the end of your sacred coaching. She will provide you with weekly homework and assignments, be a support system, and hold you accountable to help you evolve during this transition of your life. This is the time for you to not only reignite, but also release and liberate yourself from what is holding you back.

Moksha Elements was put together specifically to help people find liberation within their temple body. If you can’t afford the private coaching sessions at this time, you can start with the affordable gatherings we offer near you to get a feel for what Mina is about and what she stands for. There is also a lot of free information provided under our blog page to help you on your liberation journey.

However, working with a professional who has done the work, knows the in-depth magnitude of what life’s traumas can do to your body and soul, and has the right tools that can speed up your healing and self mastery journey, can help you drastically on this road. If you are ready for a Big Shift in your life, this will be the best work you have ever invested in. Our mental and physical health is truly our only wealth.

These coaching sessions are designed to help you have a profound breakthrough. Instead of continuing living in a state of limitation and despair, which will result in being hospitalize or on a therapist couch, you can let go and break free NOW. This is an investment in prevention and living in liberation, NOW. Now is all there is, and I you truly have.

You are welcome to share your recordings and/or what you learn from these sacred sessions with whomever you like. This can be done either through our weekly recordings which will be saved on Zoom.com indefinitely, or you can hold gatherings to share, brainstorm, and help heal and awaken your loved ones as well. This work will not only benefit you, but it will also help everyone around you now, and everyone you will come in contact with in the future.

It’s so easy to overwork!! Especially with how fast paced life has become nowadays. You will not only benefit from these coaching sessions, but also figure out how to manage your time better to create a more loving, peaceful, and sacred space for your well being. Remember, we can only share our gift with the world when our glass is overflowing. So let it overflow with what serves you, what brings you joy and happiness. Let this be a gift to yourself to create a more balanced life.

During our Free intro call, we will figure out if we are a good match for each other. We will see if there is a harmony between our energies and what we want to co-create. Remember, this will be a two way creation. The goal is to facilitate a loving environment for our time together to help you blossom to the beautiful flower you have always been. You will share the outcome you wish to see from this coaching. From there, we will create an action plan for every session we have together which will follow with homework and assignments.

Mina’s work revolves around making you fully grasp that we have the ability to become our own Healers. Whatever you are seeking is within you! The core of her teaching is for you to tap into a place where you realize you create your own reality, therefor you can recreate it, shift it or even manifest whatever your heart desires!

Her main focus during your time together is to help you shift your reality as quickly as possible and give you new and clear lenses to see life through. These coaching sessions are designed to be quite profound and effective to create a long lasting change in your life, during the short time you have together.

Yes, The goal of our weekly meetings are to create a penetrating spark within you; one in which will help keep you at work until our next meeting. With the homework assignments that will take place after our weekly meetings, you will be exploring your body and mind deeper, to have a more loving and understanding of who you truly are.

The purpose of our hour together is to go deep within the wound, and start cleaning the cut from within. My goal is heal your wound from within, so that you can evolve quicker and better. Once we heal our broken wounds, we can create a more loving and liberating life that is in alignment to who we truly are. At the core of our true nature, we are all beautiful humans that want to live more freely and joyfully.

No problem, Mina will work around the obstacles that might take place. We want to make sure that you get your full hourly session in, every week. After all, that’s where the deep healing and transformation takes place.

Mina is hosting many transformation gatherings at the moment; from sound healing and breathwork, to cacao ceremonies and women’s circle. Subscribe to the Moksha Elements Tribe newsletter to receive the latest updates on the upcoming events and gatherings.


Working with Mina has been an absolute bliss. I am 65 years old and I have never felt this good in my own skin. I have always been quite and shy, always had a hard time carrying on a conversion, always avoided gatherings and being around people. I would get social anxiety because I didn’t know how to fit in. But after working with Mina for 3 months, I finally enjoy being around people and chatting with them about different topics. So grateful for finding Mina and working with her.

Amy I. , Orange County, CA

I moved from my country to US about 6 years ago and it has not been an easy transition for me. I had to leave behind everything I had established in my career and personal life. For the first few years, I was stuck in my own head until I found Mina. After taking her intro coaching program, she helped me reignite my light, and I finally felt safe and whole in my new Home country. From there, I decided to go on with taking the full release and liberate me coaching program she offered. One of the best decisions I have made till this day. She helped me find true liberation, mentally and physically. Thank you for helping me find myself again.

Marjan K., Los Angeles, CA