Intentional Hiking Gatherings

Excited you have decided to join our intentional hiking gatherings. We like to call our hiking community “Circle of Trust”! So we (Sepideh and Mina), along with everyone else in our Tribe, would like to personally welcome you to our circle. This is where you can expect to go on a profound “Inner Journey” as the sun rises, or sets, and connect with like minded individuals. This is where community happens, where people come together with the same intention and goal. So kindly leave your Ego at home and come join with with an open Heart! We are out here holding space for each other while we grow, glow, and become a better version of ourselves.

Our gatherings are either hold at sunrise or sunset. we journey together through a peaceful hike, and at the summit, we lay our mats out, do a short grounding meditation/breathwork, and dive into a Yoga Nidra inner journey with the assistance of handpan, shamanic drum, and other sacred instruments. The gathering will closed with an integration circle, networking, community building, making new friends, and complementary snacks and herbal tea.

What to bring: Mask, Water bottle, reusable coffee/tea mug, Comfortable warm clothes, Hiking shoes, Yoga mat or something else to sit/lay on (keep in mind this will be laid on dirt, so it will get dirty), pillow, blanket (you want to be super comfortable during your Yoga Nidra journey), eye mask if you feel like you need one during the guided meditation journey. Your journal (things will come up during your inner journey experience and we highly recommend you journaling about them). Any other items you think you will need to have a more pleasant experience.

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