Liberated Life Sisterhood 

Hi Beautiful Sisters,

We are embarking on a journey to understand and heal the 7 bodies, and from there, understand and heal our ancestral and karmic shadows.

June 18th – July 18th: Healing the Physical Body

Month of June-July will be entirely focused on understanding and mastering the 1st body, the inner layer of our being; the most tangible auric field we are all familiar with, “The Physical Body”.  You can’t tap into your power without connecting deeply to your physical body. Your body receives and holds information, so the connection you create with it is essential in your soul’s evolution.

We will be covering topics such as:

  • Understanding that your body is your temple
  • How to be using your temple to best serve you
  • How you are fueling your body and what energies are you feeding it
  • Correlation between energy fields, physical body, and the instincts
  • Food, movement and nourishment
  • Tools and methods to connect deeply with your feminine energy
  • Sexuality and scared sex
  • Understanding your sexual energy
  • Healing your connection to the physical body
Bonus workshops might also be offered if the group is interested (i.e. Tantra, Yoni egg, Menstruation awareness, womb healing, sacral chakra healing, etc)

Love and blessings

Moksha Elements Team

Every Thursday

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Energy Exchange: $30/month