Smudge Sticks take time to dry and be ready for smudging. These beautiful hand picked and made creations are completely dried and ready for use. The herbs and prepepartion are from a good witch’s garden, right in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Plants are organically grown and with lots of love and collected with blessings and positive energy.

Smudging ceremony, or burning sacred herbs as a ritual belongs to the oldest spiritual practice ever since the discovery of fire. This practice was present in all cultures either representing a ticket to the higher state of mind, spiritual peace, for purification or in medicines purposes. Spirits of plants help us cleanse the space from unwanted energies, break the daily energy field, free ourselves from stagnant energies.
The other purpose is to communicate with spiritual guidance and angels, and this is why this is the beginning of every ritual. For the shamans, this is an ancient ritual for the smoke to be cleared and blessed space, protecting the physical and spiritual body, and creating a sacred space.
The choice of sacred plants depends on our intention.



This beautiful creation comes with dried lavender and roses.

Lavender –

comes from latin word lavare – cleaning, so it was main ingredient in all ancient roman baths as well as in many sacred cleansing rituals. It was always herb of love, calmness and magic. As herb name says lavender smudge will cleanse the space at the same time leaving the calmness and pleasant trace of her beauty.
It will help dealing with anxiety and stressful day. It is my favorite herb to burn since it leaves the most pleasant smell so I recommend it to any beginner in using smudging. Love Story Smudgestick by GoodWitchSantaMonica.

Rose –

There is no special needs for explaining meaning and symbolism of the rose. Her beauty is well known as much as her smell. Cleopatra was bathing in her petals, ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were recognizing and glorifying her beauty. Her smell will open your soul for love, it symbolizes hearth chakra, emotions and passion.

Please keep in mind that slight discoloration is possible in process of drying since the artist donโ€™t use any chemicals to preserve them, just nature.

For making a bundle, she is using 100% natural hemp string or 100% cotton sting with nothing added on so it will leave only natural smell with no artificial traces in the air while burned.

Smudge sticks are handmade and will be sent to you already dried and ready to use.

Lav-rose Love Story Mudgestick by GoodWitchSantaMonica.