Month of August is dedicated to the 3rd body ~ Emotional (Astral) Body

Now that we have created a beautiful connection to our Physical and Etheric Body, we are diving deeper into the next body, which is the Emotional Body.

The Astral body (Aka Emotional Body) ~ The Emotional Body relates us to the astral plane and to our desires, feelings, and emotions. Most people in the world are run by their Emotional Body. In other words, they are run by their feelings, emotions and desires, as it ends up running the conscious mind, instead of the conscious mind having self mastery to the proper integration of their feelings and emotions. The Emotional Body receives the impression of every passing desire it contacts in the environment. Every sound causes it to vibrate. The great need of the spiritual aspirant is to train the astral body to receive and register only those impressions which come from the level via the higher self, by focusing one’s only desire for self liberation and God realisation instead of all the material desires of the negative ego consciousness, the Emotional Body will become still and clear as a mirror, so that it reflects perfectly. The words that ideally describe the emotional body should be “still, serene, unruffled, quiet, at rest, clear

We will be covering topics such as:

  • Understanding the connection between your Physical, Etheric body and Emotional Body.
  • How to keep the harmony within your Emotional body.
  • How to heal and optimize your Emotional body to help best serve you.
  • Tools and methods to understand and connect deeply with your Emotional body.
  • Exploring different exercises to help strengthen your Emotional body.
  • Healing your connection to the Emotional body.

Bonus workshops might also be offered if the group is interested (i.e. Tantra, Yoni egg, Menstruation awareness, womb healing, sacral chakra healing, etc)

Once we master the third body, for the months that follows, we will be diving into the remaining 4 bodies; the Mental Body, Soul (Casual) Body, Cosmic Body, and Nirvanic Body. Once we are done exploring, understanding, and connecting to all 7 bodies, we will journey into karmic, and ancestral work with those of you that are interested in diving deeper on this path.

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