Prana-Life-Force Blend: This balancing blend of life force promotes a more balanced mental and physical life. This blend was design to create an uplifting & refreshing feeling, and help promotes mental clarity & open up the breath channels. With the help of this blend, you can releases negative emotions, and energizes the mind, decongestant for sinuses and lungs, increases mental clarity. This is the perfect blend to have in your purse, to help assist you whenever you are in the need of an assistance.


Viveka Essential Oil Roller Prana Life Force Blend

Viveka Essential Oil Roller Prana-Life-Force Blend

Silver Fir (organic, Bosnia): uplifting & refreshing. Promotes mental clarity & opens breath channels.

Pine (organic, France): cleansing, purifying, stimulating, uplifting & refreshing. Releases negative emotions.

Frankincense (wild-harvested, India): purifying, meditative, immune boosting.

Rosemary verbenone (organic, South Africa): energizes the mind, decongestant for sinuses and lungs, increases mental clarity.

Tea Tree (wild-harvested, Australia): purifying & cleansing, fast & effective healing capabilities.