Sthira – Steadiness Blend: This beautiful blend was created to assist you with focus and stability. With this blend, you can eliminated brain fog by promoting clarity of mind with the assistance of Spruce Oil, and uplift your spirit with the help of Ylang-Ylang Oil. This is a beautiful blend to have if you are in need of boosting your self-esteem, spirit and creating a more uplifting life for yourself.


Viveka Essential Oil Roller Sthira Steadiness Blend

The Viveka Essential Oil Roller Sthira Steadiness Blend.

Spruce Oil (Canada, organic): Purifying & cleansing,  dispels mental fatigue & stress. Promotes clarity of mind, steadiness & helps overcome sadness.

Ylang-Ylang Oil (Madagascar, organic): Raises the spirit & opens the heart, grounds & stabilizes, soothing to body & mind, boosts self-esteem.

Silver Fir (Bosnia, organic): Warming, promotes mental clarity, boosts energy, soothing to joint & muscles

Cedar Oil (India, wild-harvested): Calming & grounding properties, promotes emotional equilibrium, stimulating to the body & calming to the mind.

Frankincense Oil (India, wild-harvested): Uplifting & clarifying, provides protection, life-force activating, helps the body stay limber and relaxed.

Carrier Oil: Jojoba Oil, organic, unrefined & cold pressed.