Sukha – Ease Blend: This beautiful blend of Lavender, Palmarosa. Neroli, Lime, and Vanilla was created to help create a more relaxing and comforting feeling for you. The cooling and relaxing aromas of Lavender, combined with sweet and uplifting aromas of Palmarosa, will create a calming effect in the brain to bring balance andย helpful in overcoming anger, irritation and insecurity. this beautiful blend will help lift up your mood, sooth the mind & heart, and promotes deep, restful rest.


Viveka Essential Oil Roller Sukha-Ease Blend

Viveka Essential Oil Roller Sukha Ease Blend.ย 

Lavender Oil (organic, Bulgaria): cooling, relaxing & uplifting, helpful in overcoming anger, irritation and insecurity.

Palmarosa Oil (organic, Ethiopia): sweet & lemony-herbaceous, calming & uplifting, provides comfort, cooling & moistening.

Neroli (organic, Morocco): light, delicate & sweet, lifts the mood, soothing to mind & heart, promotes deep, restful sleep.

Lime (organic, South Africa): purifying & detoxifying, astringent, immune supporting, refreshing, induces positivity.

Vanilla (organic, Madagascar): sensual, awakens joy, boosts confident and optimism, evocative.