Vata – Balancing Blend: This grounding and soothing blend is also nurturing and slightly warming to alleviate the cold, dry and mobile qualities of Vata. Palo Santo soothes emotions and calms the nervous system. It helps with restlessness and insomnia, enhances focus and promotes a sense of peace. Clary Sage is hormone-balancing, stress-reducing flower oil that induces positive moods.


Viveka Essential OIL Roller Vatta Balancing Blend

Vata – Balancing Blend: organic Jojoba oil (unrefined/cold pressed), wild harvested Palo Santo (Ecuador), organic Clary Sage (France), wild harvested Frankincense (India), wild harvested Jatamansi (Nepal), organic Vetiver (Haiti).Viveka Essential OIL Roller Vatta Balancing Blend.

Frankincense is a tree resin that is considered purifying, inducing meditative states. It has immune boosting effects, and it elevates spirits. Jatamansi is a root oil that balances adrenal fatigue. It is rich in earth element which helps ground and calm nerves and mind. Vetiver oil comes from grass roots and is a rich, deeply relaxing oil. Its grounding effects provides security, mental clarity and promotes strength.