With the guidance and assistance of Plant Medicines, we have the ability to tap into parts of our subconscious mind which we normally don’t have access to. With the help of these powerful healing gifts from Mama Gaia, we can unlock the truth! Ayahuasca, in particular, is a sacrament that is here to guide all who choose to walk a path in life that embodies massive transformation. It is not to be feared- it is to be respected and celebrated.

An Ayahuasca ceremony is most beneficial when you approach it from a humble heart, with clear intentions set, and an open mind, free from preconceived notions of โ€œwhat will happenโ€ and expectations. Trust in yourself and believe that all life has a divine purpose. It is a matter of opening the channels that have been closed, to begin to remember your true essence, your Divinity. You will be surprised as to the result that unfolds, and the beauty that blossoms from your experience when you approach it from an open heart and open mind, and with no expectation.

A Glimpse Into A Greater Truth Retreat is a collaborative work between Mina Khanaman (MokshaElements) and Lida Ebrahimi (MedicineWombman). This retreat has been thoughtfully put together to create a safe container for you to go on a deep self-exploration journey with this particular Master Plant Medicine. This 3 Nights and 4 Days All Inclusive Experience is taking place in Murrieta, CA starting Friday, July 16th. The retreat includes 2 Plant Medicine Ceremonies (taking place on Friday July 16th, and Saturday July 17th), along with 1 full day of group and one-on-one integration and reflection (all day Sunday, July 18th). Participants can also attend daily Hatha Yoga classes, Breathwork, Sound Healing, and one-on-one integration sessions as they wish. On the day between the two ceremonies a light nutritious healthy meal will be offered. 3 meals will be provided on Sunday to help you ground and harmonized. We will be closing our time together Monday morning with a Family Breakfast before departing out of our ceremonial space.

All attendees will have their own personal bed in shared rooms. Every room has it’s own Ensuite bathroom or Shared hall bathroom. the property has 2 tranquil living spaces which can be used by all attendees during their free time. You will also be near activities like hiking, horseback riding, and nature walks. So during your free time you have the option to venture off or just relax and take in the views while lounging on the expansive deck or in the outdoor hot tub.

Our retreats are intimate and limited in space to be sure we can provide individualized attention and support during such a personal and profound experience. Please RSVP your spot as soon as you get the calling to join our Circle of Trust.

There is a “Guideline, Diet and Physical Preparation before a Shamanic Medicine Ceremony” PDF that will be send to you as soon as you secure your spot to help you get ready for this experience. This PDF will have more details for you as how to prep for your upcoming journey.



The process of Ayahuasca healing doesnโ€™t end with the closing of the ceremonies. The journey you will embark on during this retreat is A Glimpse Into A Greater Truth! What you do with the lessons you learned and the healing you received is what really determines the authentic growth, and as a result, integration is as much, if not more, important than the ceremonies themselves. INTEGRATION IS EVERYTHING. The earlier you can start to take action on the lessons you learned, and implement them into your day to day life, the better. This includes maintaining a healthy diet, practicing a still mind, connecting to those who will promote your process, taking time for yourself, and engaging fully with the intentions you set for your healing journey. Both Mina & Lida are available during and after this experience to help you integrate and understand your experience better.

Mina & Lida have put together a Post-Retreat Integration PDF for you, guidelines and suggestions which help you maintain your connection to the medicine and the transformation that took place during your journey which will be provided to you after the retreat. Prior to heading home from your retreat, we host discussion circles where facilitators share stories, best practices, and answer any questions you many have about potential challenges and guidelines for integration. We are honored to provide you support for your whole process, before, during, and after your retreat with us. Looking forward to holding a beautiful space for you on this Life Altering Experience!

Please email Mina@mokshaelements.com if you have any other questions that was not answered here.

Blessings to you

Mina & Lida


Registration Prior to June 15th ($1,222)

Registration After June 15th ($1,333)


Please include your Full Name, Email Address & Phone Number in the description box of your payment so that we can contact you


See You Soon!