When I was going through midlife crisis, no therapist or psychologist could help me. I came across Mina’s coaching program from a referral by a friend. Mina helped me make sense out of my feelings and have a better understanding what was happening to me. She helped made me love myself again and not be an enemy to myself. After working with her for two rounds of 3 months, I was about to have a major breakthrough, and find my peace again. I appreciate her kind, loving support during my hard time.

Karen J., Los Angeles, CA

In a world full of noise, it is a breath of fresh air to find someone who can guide you back to your stillness. Mina helped me so much on my healing journey after my brother past away due to cancer. I did a 3 months program with her where she guided me gently on how to deal with my broken heart. I will forever cherish the time we spent together.

Sara K., Los Angeles, CA

Social media exposes you to lot of options in terms of finding a good life coach. It is very crucial to find the right person for you to be your life coach. Mina was immediately able to see right through me and connect to who I am and what my potential is. She helped me understand what my clear vision is and by providing directions, she guided me on how to focus, challenge myself, and achieve my goals one step at a time.  She keeps me motivated, supports my struggles and celebrates my victories. Detailed action plans really helps me stay on track. I recommend her to anyone that is ready for guidance on their self healing and self mastery journey.

TARA G., San Francisco, CA

Working with Mina has been an absolute bliss. I am 65 years old and I have never felt this good in my own skin. I have always been quite and shy, always had a hard time carrying on a conversion, always avoided gatherings and being around people. I would get social anxiety because I didn’t know how to fit in. But after working with Mina for 3 months, I finally enjoy being around people and chatting with them about different topics. So grateful for finding Mina and working with her.

Amy I., Orange County, CA

I moved from my country to US about 6 years ago and it has not been an easy transition for me. I had to leave behind everything I had established in my career and personal life. For the first few years, I was stuck in my own head until I found Mina. After taking her intro coaching program, she helped me reignite my light, and I finally felt safe and whole in my new Home country. From there, I decided to go on with taking the full release and liberate me coaching program she offered. One of the best decisions I have made till this day. She helped me find true liberation, mentally and physically. Thank you for helping me find myself again.

Marjan K., Los Angeles, CA

“Life is tricky baby, Stay in your Magic” is what Mina would say to me during every call, to remind me that I will be OKAY! I had a heart breaking break up that left a big whole in my heart. I felt lost and so out of tone with myself. Found Mina by searching the web. She helped me connect with my spiritual side to help make sense out of my pain. Because of her amazing teachings, I found Yoga, Sound Healing and even got my certificate in Reiki 1 and 2 to give myself some juicy healing love. After only working with her for a few month, I was able to feel whole again. The Sacred Tools I have collected with her help, guides me back to myself every time I feel disconnected. Thanks for your kind friendship, guidance and mentoring Mina, I will cherish the space you hold for me during my hard time and how you help me get connected to myself again.

Shelly M., Seattle, WA